Sue Honea, affectionately known as "the Prez," began this message as an encouraging newsletter to some of her closest friends, members of the BYW (Baptist Young Women) of First Baptist Church of Magee. It contained the members' prayer requests and family updates, as well as information about upcoming events. As technology advanced, so did the message, becoming an email that reached far and wide. That email update evolved into this site, which has become a source for news and information for Magee, MS and the rest of Simpson County.

  • 7/29/2014 - Sue's Stuff
    Ann Terry, longtime Magee resident, died Sunday.  Ann has been a patient at Hillcrest for several years.  She was active at her church, First Baptist of Magee all her life.Ann is survived by h...(More)

  • 7/28/2014 - Pay It Forward Week
    Pay it ForwardWant to do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return????  Well, this is the week to put your thoughts into action!Pay if Forward is a movement started to encourage peop...(More)

  • 7/27/2014 - Thank you from Nell Fitzpatrick
    Mrs. Nell Fitzpatrick, sister of Junior Grubbs, wishes to express her sincere appreciation for the love and kindness shown to her brother.Due to sickness and hospitalization, I was unable to attend my...(More)

  • 7/25/2014 - Congratulations to Joe Jones
    Congratulations to Joe Jones winner of the $100 drawing from #GEOCASHJoe saw the golf cart-stopped and made his picture put his name in the "box" and won $100Who knows what we will do ne...(More)

  • 7/25/2014 - Priase report from First United Methodist Church
    Praise God!  Mary Jo Everett received a great report from her PET scan this week.  Her numbers were much better, and even her bones have improved!  She has not had to take any pain meds fo...(More)

  • 7/25/2014 - Phillip Magee Grand Prize Winner in GEOCASH
    Phillip Magee Grand Prize Winner in GEOCASHAs I sat in the golf cart…at a much earlier hour for me, I knew the first clue was posting "I see bodies being worked on all the time"….how lon...(More)

  • 7/25/2014 - Happy Birthday, Diane
    Happy Birthday to the true spirit of Magee who loves everyone.....Diane McPhail!  She's back on Main Street at Grace Healthcare...always taking care of someone!Hope you enjoy your day!!!We love yo...(More)

  • 7/25/2014 - Final Day of the GeoCash!
    Congratulations to Ashleigh Russell for winning Thursday's $25 cash prize!  Today is the final day of the GeoCash!  The first person to arrive at the final clue flyer will win $2...(More)

  • 7/24/2014 - Allyson Hodges gets her $50
    Allyson Hodges gets $$$$$$$$$Allyson Hodges, winner of day 2 GEOCASH giveaway, receives her $50 from Miss Sue.  Allyson has participated everyday in the cash giveaway.The MageeNews.c...(More)

  • 7/24/2014 - Win $25 in Today's GeoCash giveaway!
    Congratulations to Melba Wilson for winning Wednesday's $75 cash prize!  You could win $25 today!  All you have to do is follow on Twitter or Facebook to see clues throughout the...(More)

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    7/29/2014 - Sarrah Ann Terry
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    7/29/2014 - Rose Marie (Williams) Herring
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    7/29/2014 - Christmas Tree
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